Afenifere Group Endorses Peter Obi For 2023 Presidency

Yoruba Socio-Political group, Afenifere Renewal Group, have expressed their support for Peter Obi in the upcoming 2023 general election.

The Afenifere group has been in existence before the independence of Nigeria as it was founded together with the Action Group (AG) political party in 1951 by late Yoruba leader, Pa  Obafemi Awolowo. It was responsible for much of the fight for Nigeria’s independence and constitution.

Over the years, they have pioneered political parties like the Action Group (AG), Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) and Alliance for Democracy (AD)Even after Awolowo’s death, the group still thrived till this day

A spokesperson of the Afenifere group who is also a member of their 9 man National Caucus Committee stated their groups decision regarding Peter Obi and the 2023 elections in an interview with PlusTv.

He stated that the Afenifere group has always been relevant in the political discourse of Nigeria with an ability to see trouble from afar. When Buhari was campaigning in 2015, they warned that he was not going now to do anything for Nigerians since he had nothing to offer. People did not listen, now look where we find ourselves.

He said that for equity, justice and fairness, the presidency has to be given to a candidate from the south east. According to him, Obasanjo from the South West has had 8 years of presidency, Buhari and Yaradua from the north have enjoyed 11 years (8 and 3 respectively) while Good Luck Jonathan from the South-South has enjoyed 5 years of presidency.

If power is to return to the South, then it is imperative that it is given to an Igbo person.

He expressed his disappointment on how the people who divided the country, brought it to its knees and made it ungovernable through Boko-Haram and other mercenaries are now the preferred candidates for the 2023 elections

According to him, after their groups interrogation and examining of Peter Obi, and looking at the issues at stake for the country namely our Structure, wasteful and woeful governance amongst others, the only person capable of putting this country back on track is HE Peter Obi.  

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