LeadingReporters is an online media platform that creatively addresses the leadership challenges in Nigeria by exposing every act of corruption and other vices that destroy great nation.  We do not only expose and criticize the flaws or corrupt acts of those who hold leadership positions in Nigeria either as elected or appointed public office holders, we also avail constructive suggestions that tend to stir patriotic consciousness among public office holders.  Our contents are crafted to promote human unity, and social cohesion.  We are at the fore of promoting Peace Journalism.  We replace symbols of violence with emblems of tolerance and unity.  

Our thematic objective is to help build a strong democracy in Nigeria by creatively engaging those that wield power.   We believe that critics are not enemies of the government or people, but people who complete the dualism of sound leadership.  They are a people that see the need to help leaders from drifting from the norms of sound leadership in terms of moral dimension of leadership.  We believe that true leaders are scarce and it is only through strategic engagement that we can help build a system that works for all and thus advance the socio-economic standard and fortune of Nigeria for the good of all.

We push for transparency in governance, collectivity in resource distribution and optimization.  We are readily found and our voices roar in places where injustice has been meted and corruption identified.

We believe that an uncompromised media can bring corruption to a halt, promote social cohesion, help mold better leaders and bring leaders to account for their stewardship. And we dare become an integral part of everything that builds great nationhood and brace human unity irrespective of differences in political, religious, tribal or other social affiliations.

We raise the bar of patriotic journalism and we are found wherever service towards great nationhood calls!