Group calls for closure of 7-Up factory in Abuja and sack of top NAFDAC officers over safety concerns

A Non-governmental Organization, Transparency Advocacy for Development Initiative TADI, has called on the Federal Government and the anti-corruption agencies to sack, probe and possibly prosecute top officers of National Agency for Food, Drug Administration Control, NAFDAC over what it terms selves over national safety by the officers of NAFDAC.  The group alleged that NAFDAC officials have compromised the safety of Nigerians by failing to wade into the safety and unhygienic dispositions of 7-Up Bottling Company Abuja, despite several petitions to that effect.  

In a Press Release by TADI, through its Executive Director Ambassador Yomi David which was exclusively obtained by LeadingReporters, the group asserted that basic cleanliness is an absolute necessity for a people to lead healthy lifestyles.  But when this safety is thrown to the winds by the organisations that should place safety and good hygiene in the front burner, infections, diseases and deaths become the lot of the people, especially the consumers of those compromised products. 

“In recent times, record has shown that due to lack of proper hygiene and clean environment, the world has lost over two million people in the second quarter of year 2020.  Mostly affected are Children 70%, Women 20% and Men 10%.

“We are calling on the Federal Government to sack the principal officers of NAFDAC, due to lack of regular and detailed assessment on the manufacturing companies like 7-up bottling company and their facilities, lack of disciplinary action on offenders among other unpatriotic negligence exhibited by NAFDAC officials.

“Instead of carrying out their duties patriotically, money has become another god that veils the conscience of these government officers and this has put the lives of countless Nigerians in danger who consume the product of these companies that care less about the wellbeing of Nigerians. 

“Our investigations showed that these officials have abandoned due diligence for pecuniary gains at the detriment of the health and well- being of Nigerians who consume Seven UP products.

“Therefore, the Transparency Advocacy for Development Initiative uses this medium to call for the closure of Seven –UP Bottling Company Ltd, our investigation has found to be culpable. 

As a civil society, we believe that the health of fellow Nigerians is paramount, hence, the need for seven Up to sit up and begin to right all the wrongs by immediately upgrading its facilities and improving the environment in other to prevent further danger to the health and lives of Nigerians. 

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