11 Staff of water resources Ministry tests positive to Covid-19

No fewer than 11 staff of the Ministry of Water Resources have tested positive to the ravaging new strain of Corona Virus, LeadingReporters can authoritatively report.

As it stands now, according to an insider report, the Ministry looks like a haunted office as staff have flee their offices, with many going into self-isolation.

The new strain of the virus is believed to be more lethal as the number of Covid-19 deaths continues to increase across the nation.

There are indications that Federal Government may not entirely shut down the country as that may have a devastating economic effect or even lead to another round of protest that many believe would be worse than the #EndSars protest.

However, there may be extreme enforcement of Covid-19 safety rules across board if the number of affected persons and Covid 19-related deaths continue to rise. 

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