Modern Science Reveals Female Mosquitoes Have 100 eyes, 48 teeth and 3 hearts

Unbelievable right? But the miracle of science and research has revealed that a female mosquito has 100 eyes on its head, 48 teeth in its mouth, 3 whole hearts inside its body, and 6 blades in its proboscis.

Astonishingly, each of this organ has its specific function.

Another feature that stands female mosquito out from the others is that it has 3 wings on each side, making it an insect with 6 wings, and is also equipped with an infrared “device” that sees human skin in the dark in purple, as well as military-like night-vision devices.

It is also equipped with a local anesthesia device so that it can pierced its needle without the feeling like it is sucking blood. It is also equipped with a blood test “machine” because it doesn’t like all blood types. It is also equipped with a blood transfusion device to help it suck through the thin opening of the proboscis and is also equipped with an odor device that senses the sweat of a person from 60 meters.

And the strangest thing about all this is that modern science has discovered that on the back of a mosquito lives a miniature insect that cannot be seen without a microscope.

When next you are bitten by a female mosquito, you may remember that you have been bitten by one of the most unexplainable insects in the world.

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