Nigerians React To Twitter Ban Lift: Say Move Is About 2023 Political Campaign

Nigerians have continued to react to the Federal Government’s move to unban Twitter, most describing the move as preparatory to 2023 political campaign.

In reactions monitored by LeadingReporters, while some praised President Muhammadu Buhari-led government move to lift Twitter ban as a move in the right direction, most people who reacted believed that the ban was unnecessary in the first place.

These crop of respondents believe that it was easy to understand that the ban lift has everything to do with the next general election campaign, going by the timing.

“The President must have been under pressure from his party men to unban Twitter since campaign for 2023 elections has started. I will revenge the ban with my PVC”. A respondent who identified herself as Emmanuella said

While some claimed that the ban never stopped them from twitting, others believe that Buhari government remains very insensitive to the plights of ordinary Nigerians who depend on social media platforms to eke out their living.

“The ban never affected my twitting. This ban was more about Mr. President’s ego. We have a President who expects others to tolerate him and his cluelessness but doesn’t want to tolerate others’ criticism of his ineptitude”. Responded David.

Recall that President Buhari banned Twitter when the later deleted one of the President’s posts which it said contravened its community standards. A move that irked the President and thus earned Twitter a ban in Nigeria.

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