Why Peter Obi-Datti Baba Ahmed Should Get Your Vote in 2023

I am not the typical politician or party man, but I love Nigeria very much to be deeply interested in her welfare, progress and future. It is from that perspective, unbiased and objective, that I put these thoughts forward.

I have been around enough to know that Nigeria has suffered from leadership deficit, and that many simple things have been left undone purely because of self-centered interests. I am also able to see that past leaders have failed woefully to unite Nigerians and erase such divisive tags as religion and ethnicity.

After over sixty years of independence, we are unable to birth a true Nigerian citizenship; rather, we have remained as Yorubas, Igbos, Hausa, Ijaws, Ibibios, Fulanis, Nupes, Idomas, etc. There is nothing wrong, as such, in coming from an ethnic stock, but there is everything wrong when ethnicity is promoted over and above nationhood, common brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity. The blame is squarely on the door steps of past political leadership.

Next year’s presidential elections, therefore, present us a fresh opportunity to do a total rethink, call it re-jig and introspection. In that regard, so far, we have identified three major frontline political parties. The one is the ruling All Progressive Congress, the APC, having Senator Bola Tinubu and Kashim Shettima as flag bearers. The other is the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, having Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, as flag bearers.

Then the third is the Labour Party, having Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed as flag bearers. Apart from the names of the individuals in the first and second political parties, both APC and PDP are like Siamese twins. They are populated by the very same class of Nigerian politicians who have ruled Nigeria from 1999 till date; and who have crisscrossed effortlessly between the two parties. The results of their years of governance, like score cards, are on the table for every Nigerian to behold. It shows abysmal performance in all key sectors of human and public affairs.

Our security situation is in tatters, with various security agencies at the lowest ebb of their sense of devotion and patriotism. Fear of death, kidnap and payment of ransoms have become daily experiences for Nigerians when travelling, and even while in their homes. The economy has nose-dived to the point where government is said to now borrow to address recurrent expenditures, thereby totally abandoning capital projects. The result has been mind-shattering inflationary rates that have left every citizen living below acceptable levels of existence; while pushing many others into stealing and corrupt practices. Electricity supply challenges have been intractable. The educational sector has shamefully been in total comatose. Healthcare delivery is unaffordable, and nearly absent; yet the political elite prefer going on medical tourism abroad. In short, the citizens have been left wondering why nothing seems to work, and are daily seeking after greener pastures in other climes. Worst of all, the entire Nigerian brand, represented by our Flag, has suffered grave damages!

Then, here comes Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed; the duo with clear articulation of solutions to these myriads of challenges. They came from what you may call the political underdog class, but equipped with high moral and ethical dispositions never before seen in Nigeria’s political space. They seem like a dream reality for the Nigerian class of youthful voters. They also present the fresh hope for the many otherwise disenchanted adult voter population, all of whom have ‘seen it all’ with the crop of charlatans who have occupied the political space in the past twenty plus years in Nigeria.

In short, the Peter Obi- Datti Baba-Ahmed team has the following going for it:

  1. Clarity of understanding about the myriads of challenges facing Nigeria and Nigerians.
  2. Clarity of applicable solutions for each challenge.
  3. Background in private sector attainments that show grit, capability to generate wealth, integrity and passion to excel.
  4. Zero tolerance for the usual corrupt ways of acquisition of political power in Nigeria.
  5. Manifest show of love for the masses of Nigeria and determination to turn around the fortunes of the country through clearly articulated ideas and programmes.
  6. Uncommon show of simplicity and humility, conveying a sense of ‘not business as usual.’
  7. Transparent records about self, past achievements, attainments and associations.
  8. Impeccable academic and professional exposures that guarantee capacity to address the challenges of Nigeria.
  9. Uncommon ability and flair to clearly articulate believable road maps for deliverables.
  10. Detribalized approach to issues of national concerns, devoid of primordial sentiments such as religion and ethnicity.
  11. Finally, these two gentlemen have age and health in their favour, and have been able to effortlessly elicit revitalization of genuine hope and sense of patriotism, once more, among Nigerians, especially youths, who for many decades have remained aloof from politics and governance.

Even INEC has become a beneficiary, as new enthusiasm is being generated and galvanized by Peter Obi-Datti Baba-Ahmed towards electioneering processes in Nigeria.

It is for these reasons, and many more which space would not immediately permit me to state, that I highly recommend the flag bearers of the Labour Party, Peter Obi-Datti Baba-Ahmed to you. Be objective and remember that your vote for them amounts to birthing a new Nigeria.


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