Tinubu, Shettima allegedly spent N8.64billion on travels in three months while Nigerians languish in hardship

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has accused President Bola Tinubu of neglecting the severe hunger issues facing Nigerians.

According to a statement from the organisation’s National Secretary, Peter Ameh, the coalition criticised the President for implementing ineffective policies that had failed to alleviate the crisis, questioning why Nigerians must suffer while government officials enjoy luxury.

The coalition pointed out that the government’s inability to secure farms and farmers had significantly contributed to the hunger crisis.

Ameh argued that the opulent lifestyle of government leaders revealed misplaced priorities and a refusal to act in the public interest.

“The extravagant lifestyle of our leaders is why we are in this mess. Government officials prefer spending on high-cost, low-return projects, like the proposed new private jet for the President, instead of funding initiatives that could genuinely benefit citizens,” Ameh stated.

He highlighted the excessive travel expenses of the President and his Vice, which totalled over N8.64billion in the past three months, despite public pledges to reduce government spending.

Ameh stressed that such wasteful expenditures are a significant factor in Nigeria’s widespread poverty, with approximately 87million Nigerians living below the poverty line.

Ameh also criticised the slow economic growth and stagnant GDP per capita, attributing these issues to a lack of foresight and widespread corruption among public officials.

He questioned Tinubu’s efforts to combat corruption since taking office, suggesting that ineffective leadership and corrupt practices had hindered Nigeria’s development and discouraged foreign investment.

“Nigeria’s 38.9% poverty rate is a result of incompetent leaders who have failed to improve the lives of the masses,” Ameh concluded, while urging the president to focus on the well-being of the suffering populace and take decisive action to address the nation’s pressing challenges.

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