Tinubu: From Bishops To Masquerades

On July 20th the APC presidential flagbearer, Bola Ahmed Tinubu unveiled Kashim Shettima as his running mate. It was supposed to be a regular occasion where a vice presidential candidate is revealed but something uncanny happened.

A bunch of charlatans were brought in to portray as bishops, in a bid to show that even Christians endorse their controversial Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Pictures of ridicule flooded the internet as said bishops were identified to be yam sellers, okada riders and mechanics. One could tell that the theatrics was not orchestrated properly as the cassock worn by the bishops was not authentic or their demeanour authentic. Many of them looked unkept.

The catholic church even put out a formal statement saying that no member of the church was represented at that occasion and those bishops are not affiliated with the catholic church.

Going from Bishops, the Tinubu campaign has now engaged the services of traditional worshippers and masquerade dancers in his campaign efforts.

A trending video showed masked masquerade dancers, putting on the APC Tinubu-Shettima regalia and chanting spiritual words.

The question Nigerians should ask themselves is if this move is necessary. Is the Tinubu campaign that desperate for religious support and approval or are these moves aimed at cutting the backlash of their Muslim-Muslim ticket?

The truth is that Nigerians are no more ready for these public displays. People now demand issue-based campaigns where the candidate tells Nigerians how we can escape this pitiable state the Buhari administration has led us to.

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