Tinubu: 30 million Nigerians to benefit from Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway

President Bola Tinubu has said the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway will create direct job opportunities for millions and positively impact over 30 million citizens.

Tinubu made this known on Sunday in Lagos, marking the commencement of the 700-km Lagos-Calabar highway project and several other initiatives to commemorate his first year in office.

During the flag-off ceremony, the president said the project is more than just a road, describing it as a symbol of hope, unity, and prosperity for the country’s people.

He said, “On the next 10 benefits of the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway; during the period of construction, the road will provide direct employment for thousands of people, and indirect employment for tens of thousands of politicians and more. Economic opportunity for millions is being opened.

“It will fast-track the community’s development, It will bring development closer to the people, and give 30 million people improved access to production and marketing centres. You can easily predict a journey, vertically and go along the horizontal line and do the definition of free movement of people.”

The president urged public understanding, especially from those whose properties and livelihoods would be affected by the project.

“I further crave the understanding of the general public, especially those whose properties and sources of livelihood will be impacted by this iconic project. We all make some sacrifices to enable our country to grow,” Tinubu said.

“However, be rest assured that this government is a compassionate government that cares for you and will do the utmost to offer succour, by way of compensation.”

Tinubu also hailed the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway as a symbol of hope, unity, and prosperity for Nigerians.

He said “This project is more than just a road – it is a symbol of hope, unity, and prosperity. It will connect our communities in nine states, foster trade and commerce, boost tourism, and create new opportunities for generations to come.

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