The Tottering Nigeria Ship of State

All watchers of the Nigerian political space must be agreed that at the present, the Nigerian ship of state is tottering. 

Yes, Nigeria is a clearly wickedly structured country designed to fail. It has since its origin been seen as an unworkable union sustained by the greed and avarice of the political players. 

Ahmadu Bello, the Premier of Northern Nigeria never believed in it and said so clearly and also said that if the new country would be acceptable to him and his tribesmen, it must be as an extension of the Estate of Othman Dan Fodio, the grand patron of the Fulani tribe.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo did not mince words in describing it as a mere geographical expression on paper. Conspiracy theories mentioned him to be behind Nigeria’s first military coup and to have planned other insurrections to end the evil arrangement.

Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe lamented at one time that if this union would not work, let’s peacefully close it up and go our different ways.

Today, Nigeria is popularly called a “contraption” instead of a country.

All those who have seized power in the Nigerian political space be they the Nigerian military or politicians has never been mandated by majority of Nigerians. They have either shot their way to power with the gun in military coups or stolen the mandates through election rigging and brigandage.

It is obvious that Nigeria has done nothing with the huge human and mineral resources it has than to totter as a drunken man because like the irresponsible drunken man, the rulers has displayed the highest form of irresponsibility in their misuse of the huge financial and human resources of the country concentrating more on stealing money with open bravado from the national treasury or wasting what they cannot steal.

Meanwhile, never has there been a time in the history of Nigeria when the Nigerian ship of state has been in the state it is in today. The tottering of Nigeria under the Presidency that is being run in the name of Muhammadu Buhari is like a floating piece of paper in a whirlwind. The only prospect one can see for Nigeria today is the likelihood of the piece of paper in a whirlwind falling into a bonfire, the sea or on the highway where fast moving Dangote trucks are struggling to navigate out of muddy potholes.

It is clear that shipwreck and bonfire is going to consume Nigeria in not so distant time and if those fail, the Dangote trailers would certainly bury the piece of paper in the muddy potholes in all of Nigeria’s roads.

The worst part of our condition is that the so-called elite in the academia are waiting to be bribed. They are not willing to do anything because they can find food to eat at present. They cannot see beyond their nose that before long some hungry Nigerian youth who they call hoodlums would soon come for them.

The political hawks and vultures are having a field day on the carcass of the dead elephant (Nigeria). They cannot see beyond their noses. They strongly believe that they can pay for enough firearms to keep the hungry, listless, hapless and disoriented youth at bay. These are the blind and brainless rulers of Nigeria. They are so blind and brainless and also deaf that they could not see or hear or remember what happened in Central African Republic in 2013 when Fulani rogue rulers like them took over that country and proceeded like they are doing in Nigeria now to expropriate and subjugate the rest of the populace politically, economically and religiously.

Perhaps the worst failures are the Nigerian youth who have over the years demonstrated a failure to use their brain. Demographically, the youth age people of Nigeria are more in numbers than the rest of Nigeria. Yet they sit back helplessly and watch rogue rulers rubbish our commonwealth and the only thing they do is to seek for ways to join them. One of the worst of the groups is the youth of Niger Delta. Nigeria is hanging on a single hinge – the oil. The oil is extorted from the Niger Delta. The youth of Niger Delta like their older generations are satisfied to receive bribe from the Fulani minority overlords – a bribe paid for by the oil money coming from their own land where they cannot farm or fish again. That they are satisfied to be bribed by the Fulani with cash and scholarships abroad and sidelined from having access to the wealth coming from their own land is what I cannot understand how a people would sit by and let it happen. 

One of the most worrying parts of the whole joke of a country is that the people and youth mainly are afraid to die and yet through the instrumentality of the Nigeria Police Force and Military, they are being killed on daily basis. This is why I said in past write-ups that “Nigerians are dead people who are afraid of being killed.” I cannot understand.

Well, history is not on the side of Nigerian politicians, rogue rulers and the Fulani. They have ignited a whirlwind that must destroy all of them. The time is coming and not so far away when the hapless youth would discover that it would be better to die fighting than to die like fools and chickens for sacrifice.

My advice to the Fulani and their comrades-in-arms rest of the rogue political class in Nigeria is to know that there is enough and to spare in this country when equity and rule of law is allowed to reign in it.  You need to redress your steps now before it is too late.  You think you have the Nigerian military and Police behind you.  You must know that it is only a few of the military and police who are enjoying the loot with you and that when the revolt shall come, the largest majority of the men and women under arms are going to turn those guns on you and cause your blood and those of your wives and children to be spilled on the streets of Nigeria.

The above is not my plan.  It is what happens in history.  Remember the theory of the species.  Once one particular species starts over-exploiting the ecosystem, nature engenders a revolt that changes it all.  Avoid having to be on the run like the Fulani from Central African Republic.  Wake up and learn.

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