Tension in NASS over Plot to Remove Acting Senate Clerk

Crisis seems to be brewing in the National Assembly over appointment of substantive clerk of the Senate.

Some staff members of the National Assembly have threatened to embark on another round of protest over what they described as attempt to play politics with appointment of Senate clerk.

Some staff members, it was learnt, have raised alarm over attempt by the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC) to deny one of its most experienced and senior legislative staff the position of a substantive clerk of the senate.

They have, however, warned NASC against using the issue of gender to drop the acting Senate clerk, Isabella Ugochi Iloba for a male person despite her experience and competence.

This growing concerns is informed by the commission’s resolve to get a replacement for Iloba, who currently is holding forth in the office of clerk of the Senate.

The group of legislative workers noted that a situation where one of the most senior and experienced legislative staff is about to be denied the position on very irrelevant and parochial excuses is most unfortunate.

Some queried why should her gender be a prerequisite for her qualification as clerk Senate?

“She rose through the ranks to get to her present position,she should be supported and encouraged.

“Similarly, the issue of allowing two people occupying top shot positions from the same zone should be jettison particularly at a time and age like this.” The workers noted.

They posited that that legislative precedence showed that there was nothing wrong in allowing her to be Senate clerk even if she is from the same geo political zone with the clerk of the House of Representatives.

A source said: “What happened when, Ibrahim Salim and Nasir Arab from the same zone, (North West,); Abubakar Salisu Maikasuwa and Sani Omolori, (North Central,) or is it Nelson Ayewoh and Patrick Giwa who were from the same state and zone? Isabella coming from the same zone as Chinedu Akubueze who is clerk House of Representatives, shouldn’t be treated differently from others especially when they both got it based on merit and career progression,.”

They however, called on the National Assembly Service Commission to resist any divisive and retrogressive move and ensure that the right thing is done.

They should be seen to be promoting reward for service and performance rather than petty issues that may hunt them in time to come.,” they said.

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