‘Swastika-shaped burns’: Ukrainian MP claims Russian soldiers raped and branded girls, shows gory image

Lesia Vasylenk, who is a Ukrainian Member of Parliament, alleged that Russian soldiers have raped girls and also branded them. According to Vasylenk, swastika-shaped burns were found on their bodies. 

Taking to her official Twitter handle on Monday (April 4), the Ukrainian MP stated that Russian soldiers raped girls as young as 10 years old. She also mentioned that crimes such as loot and killings were also committed. 

Labelling Russia as a “nation of immoral criminals”, Vasylenk alleged that the young girls were left with “vaginal and rectal tears”. She also claimed that women’s bodies with burns in the shape of a ‘swastika’, which is a hooked cross — similar to a sacred Hindu symbol. 

“Russian soldiers loot, rape and kill. 10 yrs old girls with vaginal and rectal tears. Women with swastika shaped burns. Russia. Russian Men did this. And Russian mothers raised them. A nation of immoral criminals,” she tweeted. 


Russia has been levelled with fresh allegations of war crimes after mass graves were allegedly found in Bucha, a town outside Kyiv after Russian troops recently withdrew from that area. 

Reports have stated that Russian troops tortured, killed civilians and raped women. In response, the Kremlin on Monday (April 4) “categorically” rejected accusations. 

In the latest European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said the EU was ready to send a team of investigators to gather evidence of possible war crimes. 

“The EU is ready to reinforce this effort by sending investigation teams on the ground to support the Ukrainian Prosecution Services. Eurojust and Europol are ready to assist,” she said. 

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