SMS Banking Service Is A Criminal Scheme By Banks With CBN Collusion

A Nigerian has narrated how his bank made it near-impossible when he applied for deactivation of the SMS service scheme.

Samson Akhigbe, who shared his experience on his Facebook page described the scheme as the most fraudulent one crafted by Banks with the banking of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

He advise Nigerians to deactivate their SMS service scheme, saying that with an active email address and a token, why pay for what only enriches bank.

“I stopped using SMS banking like five years ago. Even when I opened my last account, I deactivated SMS alert. Not only is it a useless method to receive banking information, it is a criminal scheme setup by Banks in collusion with CBN to milk Nigerians.

“I reasoned that, if I have a token, an active data and an email, why pay extra for SMS banking?

“While I was trying to deactivate it back then, they made it so difficult and I was wondering why. Na me get account, why insist I use SMS?

“At the end of the day, I filled forms, got a guarantor to sign indemnity. At last, I was free. But still, these banks looked for other means to scheme off my account.

“If you use GAPS on GTBank platform, you’ll see how bad these banks scheme off our account. N1 here, 50 kobo there. Every transaction is billed and at the end of the month, you’ll pay VAT and Account maintenance fee.

“Bear in mind that VAT is deducted for transactions as they occur. The people paying SMS charges are the worst hit.

“And then to hear that these banks owe TELCOS for the monies that they have collected from customers is the height of criminality. It is like saying ShopRite is owing vendors for goods already paid for by the customers.

“This is me saying to Nigerian Banks: UNA PAPA. MAY IT NOT BE WELL WITH YOU.

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