Medical expert urges researchers to use vaccine fund judiciously

The #10b released by the federal government to support domestic vaccine production for Covid 19 has been described by medical experts and public affairs analyst as a welcome developments if only the funds will be used judiciously.

Our report shows that Nigeria has the capacity to produce the vaccines but urged Nigerians to take the Covid 19 guidelines seriously pending when the vaccine will be out Irene Obuzor, is the Public Relations Officer of the Rivers State chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association, she said since the emergence of Covid 19 early last year, there has been measures internationally to contain the spread of the virus and Nigeria is not an exception.

She urged those saddled with the responsibility of producing a vaccine that will effectively take care of the coronavirus to use the funds for what it was meant for.

Obuzor, advised Nigerians to adhere strictly to the Covid 19 protection guidelines, pending when the vaccines will be produced.

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