Kwara State Governor Disgraced By APC Youths As They Chant OLE, THIEF

There was pandemonium in a meeting between the Kwara state governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq and aggrieved Kwara state youth as the governor was booed by the youths amidst chants of ‘ole’ and ‘Thief’.

Disgruntled APC youths in Kwara state threatened mass exodus from the party to opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), due to the woes brought upon Kwara state and the entire country by the APC administration.

Governor Abdulrahman then convened a meeting between him and the APC youths in a effort to appease them. This move however proved to be a disaster as the governor was greatly embarrassed by the youths.

Agitated youths chanted ‘OLE’, ‘THIEF’ towards the governor showing him no regard whatsoever. The governor had to walk out in shame as all his efforts to calm the youths proved abortive. He even had to be escorted by security officials to avoid harm.

Youths and Nigerians in general seem to have woken up to the harsh realities facing the country. They are expressing their dissatisfaction and anger through every possible medium.

Political leaders, even Governors are no longer accorded God like reverence or respect but are now judged based on their competence and achievements. Individual qualities not party affiliations is now at the forefront of political discourse.

The upcoming 2023 elections will be the climax of everything as Nigerians have promised to vote out incompetent leaders and only vote in those with credibility and proven track record notwithstanding their party affiliations

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