Impeachment Threat: Senator’s Threat Against Buhari, Laughable

The recent statement by the Nigerian Senate of their plan to impeach the president is a charade and theatrics.

Our Lawmakers are jokers who are only loyal to their party and not to the masses.

They are comedians performing a show and the president is having a good laugh.

You know it’s all a joke because up till now, no notice of impeachment has been served in the rules and order book of the Senate.

Anything not noted down in the order book of the Senate is just mere words and should not be taken seriously.

When members of the Senate come on media to shout about impeachment without following due process or serving any notice of impeachment in rules and order, then know It is just for media clout.

If senators are serious about impeaching the president, they are precedents which they have to follow.

First, they can visit the president in the villa to discuss matters of national security with him. After a light dinner, they will tell him, Mr president in all seriousness our people are dying and we can’t take this anymore. We are giving you six weeks to tackle security issues or we will impeach you.

No president will be visited by over 100 senators on matters of security and just shrug it off.

Secondly, a motion of resolution by the Senate inviting the president to explain himself in the parliament needs to be passed. There the senators can ask him hard questions on his plans to combat insecurity in the country.

It is after all these steps have been taken, before any talk of impeachment would be taken seriously.

However, the senators know that yet they choose to make caricature of themselves and Nigerians.

The government has a fundamental responsibility to secure the lives and property of Nigerians.

The country has fallen so far off that Nigerians now are no longer ambitious or wishing for success. People just pray to be alive.

The fight on insurgency can be ended quickly without the need for IMF loans or international help if only our gallant soldiers are assured that they are fighting a caricature fight.

Seniors military and government officials have shown through their actions that they do not plan on ending the insurgency anytime soon.

The fight on insurgency has now metamorphosed into a lucrative business to fill the pockets of high ranking military officials and government officials, including the senators.

Many senators engage in business and arms deal with military officials. They do not want the insurgency to end.

If the military opens it mouth to talk about the number of senators doing business with them, only few senators would not be implicated.

This is extreme wickedness as soldiers are now demotivated because their sacrifices is business for their superiors.

We need to do better by developing a concrete plan to end the insurgency once and for all and give our soldiers the assurance that their sacrifices is not in vain and they will be rewarded at the end of the day.

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