Exposed: Pilots of Ill-fated Military plane Were Threatened with Detention for Refusing to Fly “A faulty plane”

Discrete information emerging, following the crashed military plane that took the lives of seven personnel, has it that the pilots of the ill-fated Nigeria Airforce Plane Code-named The King Air 350 vehemently refused to fly the plane,

insisting that it was faulty and might not reach target destination, a complain, LeadingReporters learnt was hushed down and branded “insubordination” by the higher authorities with a threat of detention of the officers, if they refused to fly the plane.

A source who spoke to LeadingReporters on condition of anonymity said that the officers have severally complained that the plane needed total overhauling and may pose a flying danger if deployed on any assignment.

The source said that when the position of the lead pilot was made known to the higher authorities in the Nigeria Airforce, an order to detain them in the officers’ mess was given.  Their genuine concerned were believed to mean insubordination.

“There were asked to choose between flying the plane on the errand they were sent to and being detained in the mess.  At first the officers accepted to be detained, knowing too well that it was a journey they may arrive alive or never arrive at all.

“It was after much persuasion from their colleagues that the officers grudgingly boarded the problematic plane that ended their young lives and career.

Recall that an aircraft that belonged to Nigeria Airforce, named The KingAir 350 heading to Minna, Niger State crashed moments it left the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport over reported engine failure.

Nigerians are wondering where billions of Naira being voted for security are spent if the aircrafts owned by the military would be left in such condition that resulted in the deaths of its officers, seven promising young Nigerians.

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