Edo State Governorship: Which Way Forward For Esan People?

BY:  Oseagah I. Solomon

From all indications and political calculations, the time for the Esan people to choose the next governor of Edo State who will run the affairs of the state at the expiration of the current governor’s term in office is now.

As a people, we cannot afford to fail in this tall order in choosing who will represent us and run the affairs of our dear Edo State when the current Governor, His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki cedes the position.

Since Prof. Oserheimen Osunbor’s brief shot at the Dennis Osadebe House as a governor, Esan has not thoroughly created and defined a political pathway that would see the emergence of another Esan man as the governor. This has been as a result of series of political miscalculation, sabotage, disunity and lack of political cohesion among key political stakeholders.  These have perennially denied Esan the opportunity to be elected into the coveted position of a State Governor.

However, it’s high time for the Esan people to plan to succeed the current governor who, during his campaign has promised to do the needful in the spirit of equity and fairness. We either plan, unite and work to fetch this golden opportunity or we will yet fall again. The question then arises: What is the Esan deliberate structure on ground to have a seamless political outing at the expiration of Governor Godwin Obeseki’s tenure?

Where are the Esan Stakeholders and what are their plans for Governorship zoning in Esan Land?

I believe if we start early to put formidable structures on ground, we can avoid rancor, internal crises and destructive political miscalculation that can costs us the governorship shot.

Edo Central Senatorial District covers five local government areas which include Esan South-East, Igueben, Esan North East, Esan West, Esan Central.

Our political quest to grab the governorship position should be without rift among the Esan populace. We must purposefully create a window for a strong internal democratic structure that would be acceptable by all Esan in particular and Edolites in general. It is going to be a political structure where we are seen to be in the helm of the sail while other stakeholders are seen paddling with us.

The question here is how do we concretize and stir this vision to its fruitful shore.  The time for Esan stakeholders, leaders, and representatives to come together and and create a political roadmap that would galvanise into political success is now. We have to agree on the methodology and all strategies must be laid out now.  A stitch in time saves nine, they say.

Peace in our land and State!

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