Denmark: first EU country; announces the removal of all COVID-19 curbs

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announce on Wednesday the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions by the end of this month..

Denmark loosened all restrictions two weeks ago after a month-long lockdown, allowing cinemas and music venues to reopen, but some rules remain, including limited opening hours for restaurants and mandatory face masks.

The sudden shift was based on recommendations from an expert panel that also recommends removing the classification of COVID-19 as a disease that is a critical threat to society, which has allowed the current restrictions.

Frederiksen gave a media briefing on Wednesday evening and make the long-awaited announcement. Her office declined to comment on the report.

The Nordic country registered 40,348 new cases on Monday, down from a peak of 47,831 on Friday. The number of coronavirus-related hospitalisations rose to 894, the highest in a year.

But health authorities said it estimated between 30 percent-40 percent of those currently in hospital with a positive coronavirus test are there for other reasons than COVID-19.

Since a peak of 82 on Jan. 6, the number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care has fallen steadily to 43 on Monday.

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