Covid – 19: FG imported Worse Vaccines for Nigerians – Dino Melaye

By: Kenny Folarin

Former Senator representing Kogi West, Senator Dino Melaye has alleged that the Federal Government imported a worse vaccine for Nigerians.

The Senator in an interview with Root TV noted that the Federal Government did not take the interest of Nigerians at heart but imported a vaccine with most side effect and less potency.

According to Maleye, there are four notable vaccines and the least potent of the four is the one Nigeria government imported and the one imported by the Nigerian government has the worst side effect.

“What am saying is that Nigerians deserve the best, Federal government must carry out citizen diplomacy, they must show that they love there citizen and desire the best for there citizens.”

“If you go through this four vaccines, Johnson and Johnson is far better than what they have brought, Pfizer is also better, so if you look at the total trial effectiveness of this vaccines, you will find out that AstraZeneca is 62%, 14 days after second doze while Pfizer is 95% 28 days after the second doze and again, modena is 94% while Johnson and Johnson is about 70%.”

“So what am saying in essence is that the one that Nigeria government brought is the one with the least potency of effectiveness.”

Dino also added that “If you also look at the side effect, this same one imported by the Nigerian government has the worse side effect which include pain, headache, tiredness, muscle ache, fever, joint ache and nausea.”

He further stated that the 300 billion Naira budgeted by central bank is on the high side considering its side effects.

“So what am saying is that the Nigeria Government did not go for the best putting Nigerians into consideration and with the budget the central bank made available for this vaccine (300billion), it is outrageously calamitous”

“it is very unfair for them to have gone with the least vaccine and anything produced in India, you can not compare it with the ones produced in America or United Kingdom.”

However, Dino said that his submission is not against Nigerians not taking the vaccine, though it is now a business venture and the federal government is not fair in importing the least effective vaccine for Nigerians.

“I bought kits for people in kogi state, I wear face mask too, so i believe in the existence of the virus,

“But what am saying is that it has been monetized people are making business out of it and I did not see the patriotic nature that is expected of the federal government in protecting our citizens.”

“If you have a drug that has least potency and leave the one that has higher potency, I think it is not a good one, it is not fair at all.”. He added.

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