Clergymen Are My Targets Because A Gay “Reverend Father “Destroyed My Life — Robbery suspect

A robbery suspect, named Federick Ugah who is currently under police custody for armed robbery has disclosed that following his experience with a gay Rev. Father who turned him into his sex toy, he has focused on clergymen for attacks and robbery.

Federick Ugah, who is currently cooling his heels in the cells of the Nasarawa State Police Command, for robbing a clergyman of his car, said he had to drop out of the university as a 400 level student of Law after his frustrations at the hands of a Catholic reverend father he served in Kaduna.

Going down memory lane, Ugah recalled that he started life as an orphan, having lost his parents at a tender age. To realise his ambition of becoming a lawyer, he hit on the idea of seeking help from clergymen. He decided that he would serve them as an altar boy so that in return, they would help him to foot his education bills.

He that he had first secured admission at the University of Abuja to study English before he secured another one at the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria to study Law. But that was when he met his frustration as the Reverend Father who was sponsoring him in attempted to turn him into his s*x partner.

Ugah said his resistance to the idea he regarded as an immoral act caused the Reverend Father to frustrate him out of the Catholic Church by falsely accusing him of stealing some money belonging to the parish.

“I have vowed to deal with reverend fathers across the country. They are my target and I will continue to rob them of money and snatch their cars. I was in Abuja with them before I moved to Kaduna State when I got admission in ABU. Then one day, the reverend father I was serving demanded to have s*x with me before my sponsorship could be guaranteed.

I was wondering how a reverend father would turn gay. When I refused, he brought up an allegation against me that I stole parish’s money and should be driven away by the parish. He also poisoned the minds of other reverend fathers who intended to help me,” he said.

He stated it was at that moment his journey into the underworld began as he wasn’t able to graduate from university and his dream of becoming a lawyer dashed.

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