Breaking: Taliban Opens Fire On Civilians In Eastern Afghanistan; Killing Four Over National Flag

Information reaching LeadingReporters confirmed that the Taliban has murdered not less than four civilians in Eastern part of Afghanistan over the former’s insistence on changing the National Flag of Afghanistan in line with the new name and its Sharia-compliant stance.

A source who spoke to the Lead Investigation Editor of LeadingReporters from Eastern Afghanistan reported that tension began to brew when Taliban combatants besieged a city in Eastern part of the country and began to pull down the national flags and other national symbols. 

It was reported that they experienced a little resistance from the civilians who reminded them what they had promised during their press conferences.

The eyewitness said no sooner one of the protesters told them to leave the flag and other symbols than a Taliban combatant opened fire on the crowd, killing about four people on the spot and leaving countless others wounded.

Recall that the Taliban regime most recently seized power from a democratically elected President, Ashraf Ghani who reports says is currently in United Arab Emirate on exile, after he flee his country, following Taliban’s victorious entry into the Capital, Kabul.

Tension is mounting across the country over the extreme excesses of the group, despite their promises to be lenient and more tolerant of the opposition.

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