2023: : North May Ground Tinubu’s Presidential Quest; May “Compensate” Him In Other Ways

Ahmed Bola Tinubu may not be supported by the Northern power brokers come 2023, but may be compensated in many other ‘juicy ways’, according to a Northern power broker who does not want his name in print. 

The source who spoke to LeadingReporters  General Investigation Editor during a friendly chat hinted that the power brokers from the Northern part of Nigeria have resolved to withdraw their support from Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s presidential quest come 2023.  He said however, that the North would not be ungrateful for the role Tinubu played in bringing President Muhammadu Buhari to power.

“I can tell you that the North would not support Tinubu’s presidential activities come 2023.  This is not out of ingratitude. We are grateful for his support for a Northern President in the last two general elections.  It is not because he is not loved.  It is simply because there would be a lot of rescheduling and balancing come 2023 and Tinubu is not found in that equation.

“We are a people who do not turn their back on friends.  We would ensure that our dear friend and ally, Ahmed Bola Tinubu gets a fair deal.  He would be handsomely rewarded for his perennial support for the region.  The reward would not come as support for his presidential ambition.  It may come in other irresistible ways.

When pressed for a hint on what the “juicy compensation” may look like, our source simply replied that it was going to be an irresistible compensation which, according to him, Bola Ahmed Tinubu would never resist.

Recall that President Muhammed Buhari in a recent media chat with Arise TV media broadcast has hinted that “nobody is just sitting in Lagos and asking them what to do”.  This statement was seen in many quarters as being targeted at Ahmed Bola Tinubu, an APC stalwart from Lagos, South West Nigeria.

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