Zodiac Signs and Attitudinal Behavior (Pt 1) SANGUINE

Kenny Folarin, Abuja

Ever wondered why people behave in certain ways and are judged rationally or most times irrationally based on how they speak or relate.

Human being are social animal and most interact, communicate with man (interpersonal), communicate with themselves (intrapersonal), communicate with machine (man-machine) including other forms of communication.

Considerably, everybody is unique but the manner of interaction, mode of approach to issues has adjudged everyone different such that some people would prefer to interact with some than others, this is not far from zodiac sign.

The major zodiac signs which includes Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic are commonly expressed people irrespective color, tribe, nationality or region.

Firstly, the Sanguine (hot and moist) refers to the air element and the signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

The Sanguine personality is curious, creative, spontaneous, impulsive, goal-oriented, optimistic, and cheerful.

A sanguine is capable of talking to new friends like they have known them for a longer time.

They are Friendly, outgoing, inspiring to others, relationship oriented, enthusiastic, warm, optimistic, ability to see the bright side of life and the good in other people. They genuinely like people, are rarely found alone, and freely interact with people.

Sanguines revel in good times and good relationships. To be a better friend to this type, invest in quality time. Make time for sanguine friends “not just as a perfunctory task,” Laraine says, “but to genuinely enjoy and appreciate their presence.”

Sanguine personality types are energetic, social and adventurous. You can motivate them by putting them in a team environment, asking them to tackle new challenges or projects, and providing them with the opportunity to present in front of their coworkers or clients.

With all this laudable attributes, the Sanguine are weak in the following ways

a) The decisions of the sanguine person are wrong in many cases, because of lack of deep knowledge and understanding, inability to foresee difficulties and potential dangers, and due to the shallow ability for relationship with people.
b) The accomplishments of the sanguine may easily fail because he always takes success for granted, and therefore does not give sufficient attention to possible obstacles, and does not make necessary backup and alternative plans.
c) Sanguine person usually has poor insight because he always caters to the external and is reluctant to enter into himself, and to give deeper thought to his own actions.
d) Sanguine person may move away from genuine friends that he considers being boring or dull. Being friends with a Sanguine is often as simple as knowing each other’s face and name. Thus, in many cases he cannot sustain deep and rich emotional friendship and romantic relationship.

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