What Exactly Do Nigerian Music Industry Promote? The ZaZoo Zehh Chronicle

Kenny Folarin, Abuja

It is no longer news that the Nigerian music industry is now a dumping ground for all sort of music as Nigerians with little or no cash has stormed the industry with no foresight of making positive impact with their music but with vision of making money, fame and attention from teeming Nigerian Youth.

Sadly, many of them do not even know the meaning of what they singing, but just go into the studio and sing whatever comes to mind since Nigerians only dance to beats .

Back in the 80s, the Nigerian music industry was agog with inspiring, knowledgeable songs that teaches, informs and educates the public and some of this songs still reminisce till date.

Songs such as Seun Rere by Christy Igbokwe, Shakara by Fela Kuti, Under Pressure by Ras Kimono, Time na Money by Mike Okiri, Iyogogo by Onyeka Onwenu, and Osondi Owendi by Osita Osadebe to mention but a few are evergreen but the industry is now occupied with nothing but visionless artistes, no wonder there music cannot stand the test of time.

The regulators of the music industry like the toothless dog that cannot bite keeps mum and watch meaningless music and immorality being displayed on national television, rather than instill sanity, they invite some of them to even perform at national events.

No wonder likes of Terry G, Cynthia Morgan, Damoche and a host of others are nowhere to be found again after many years.

To add salt to injury, some Nigerian Nollywood artistes decided to join the music industry but could not even stand the test of time all because maybe because music is not there “calling”.

Without mincing words though, the Nigerian music industry still pride herself among nations with inspiring songs that has transcended the borders of the country, with nominations and awards won globally, yet what their counterpart sing is nothing to write home about.

Recently, The ZaZoo Zehh Crooner, Habib Olamilekan popularly known as Portable joined the industry with
ZaZoo Zehh, which according to him means using Zazoo as a motivation, to educate all hustlers to keep striving and stay focused on their hustling.

“By his words. Using Zazoo as a Protection, to educate people should not lose guard and find a way to protect themselves”.

So what comes to a right thinking mind is the connection of motivation and protection as claimed by him and the lyrics of his song

Paka, paka, Poco Lee (zehh)
Poco Lee gbemi trabaye (zehh)
Jek’a jo zehh oh (zehh)
Poco Lee, ogba dancer oh (zeh nkan to t’eri e)
Set awon werey onijo (shoe gbengben)
Zazoo (zehh)
Koko tua (shoe gbengben)
(‘Ishe lo jawon l’aya oh)
Chain timo wo is a gadu (zeh nkan to t’eri e)
Ago timo wo is a gadu (zehh)
(Zazoo) zazoo (zehh)
OPF, o por fa (zehh)
O ma wo lo school (zehh)
Shoe gbengben, bata Yahoo (zehh)
Zeh nkan to t’eri e (zehh).

Fortunately for him, his song has brought him to limelight such that popular nigerian artistes now align with his style of music with TikTok abuzz with different skits by Nigerians and celebrities showcasing their own style with ZaZoo Zehh.

With the ever increasing rate of unemployment bedeviling teeming Nigerian Youth, the music industry is not an option, rather Nigerian Youth should engage in meaningful things that there own children will be proud of years to come.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, despite the harsh economic situation, many Nigerian Youth are still making waves legitimately in their chosen endeavors as many of them still cut their clothes according to their coats.

It is high time sanity is instilled in the music industry by the regulators and music legends rather than keep silent and watch upcoming artistes sing whatever comes to mind should also braced up to the challenge of sanitizing the industry.

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