University of Oregon USA Waives IELTS For Nigerians

The University of Oregon, Eugene in the United States has announced that from the winter 2023 application cycle, it would waive IELTS/TOEFL for all native and first language English speakers.

The university has made this known as a challenge to Home Office and other institutions around the world who continue to discriminate against English-Speaking Africans.

This development is due to the efforts from Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi who is championing the #ReformIELTS campaign by writing to various institutions to waive Nigeria off countries that are required to write IELTS or TOEFL before gaining admission.

Recall that LEADINGREPORTERS wrote a report on how Dr. Olumuyiwa has taken up the fight on IELTS discrimination by western universities by writing a petition to the various universities stating the various reasons why Nigeria should not be included in IELTS since it is already an English-speaking country.

The University of Oregon becomes the third university to waive IELTS for English-Speaking African countries, behind the University of Alberta Canada and the University of Athabasca Canada. It is also the first non-Canadian university to do so giving hope that more countries would begin to take the #ReformIELTS campaign seriously.

We hope that more Universities in Western countries would begin to change their policies in order to reflect Nigeria and other English-Speaking Africans as English speakers who do not need to write the IELTS examination before been offered admission

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