Sophia Momodu blasts Israel DMW for claiming Davido funded Imade’s travels

Davido’s first baby mama, Sophia Momodu, has responded to claims made by Israel DMW that Davido financed their daughter Imade’s international travels.

In a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria on Children’s Day, Imade mentioned that she has lost count of the numerous countries she has visited.

Reacting to the video, Davido’s aide, Israel commented under a blog post that the trips were funded by his boss, he wrote: “Oga’s money”.

In response to Israel’s comment, Sophia Momodu took to X to call him out for attributing her hard work to Davido and his money.

She said: “I told Israel the 1st time he lied on social media that I didn’t find it funny & he apologised. Why he’s lying on his Oga again on my child’s post is beyond me. What does taking my child on a tour of the south of France have to do with your oga’s money? Y’all owe me so much money but have the audacity to be capping on social media. Is Israel ok?

“Like I’m busy! I’ve always been very clear on understanding my purpose as a parent. It’s either you’re helping or you’re a distraction. Just capping anyhow on Children’s Day for that matter. Israel no Dey fear God? What’s all this?” said Sophia in another post.

She concluded: “This is what happens when you openly disrespect someone’s boundaries. You’re too close to home to be telling such lies openly without considering the repercussions. As a single parent, openly telling such a lie even if it was ‘just a joke’ actually has its repercussions. I work really hard to take care of my child & provide for her needs. It’s unfair to give people the impression that I’m being funded by some oga.”

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