Sonia Undergoes Surgery, says Facial Scar Traumatizing

Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri has taken to the social media platform, Instagram to reveal that she recently underwent surgery to remove the scar on her face.

During the early hours of today, Saturday, February 19, the popular actress detailed why she had to remove the scar on her face to experience ‘a new beginning’.

According to the actress, she began to live with the scar in 2014 during her time in the United States. Ogiri did not mention where she acquired the mark, however, she revealed that she has been through alot because of it.

Speaking via her Instagram platform, she mentioned that she was rejected on several occasions because of the scar on her face and was often dubbed ‘ugly’ and it has continued to traumatize her.

The actress in her opening paragraph referred to the scar as her ‘pain’ as it has since become her identity.

“My Scar, my pain,” she wrote.

Ogiri continued, “It all started in 2014. I lived with this total stranger called scar since 2014 and ever since then, I lost all confidence even with the listings.”

Talking about the trauma she has had to endure, Sonia Ogiri wrote, “I remember when I decided to settle in the USA, looking for a job was traumatizing cause I would relate every rejection to the scar on my face lol. Close friends in the movie industry all knew when this happened.

“I totally lost it, nights I would cry endlessly, how I tagged myself as ug*y cause is my face we talking about, days I would feel like ending it all cause I refused to accept my reality. I was never a makeup kind of person but I had to start so I can cover up a little.”

The actress went on to explain that she has two weeks before she sees the result of the surgery that she recently underwent.

Her concluding paragraph reads;

I’m putting out my pain to help someone else. Some of us have a scar we are battling with, it could be anything but trust me, you will overcome it.

I have 2 weeks to see what my results will look like so wish me luck lol.”

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