Odyssey Foundation decry lack of government support in technovation development

The program director, Odyssey Educational Foundation, Stella Dennis has expressed displeasure over lack of government backing in technovation development despite the opportunities and its position in driving Nigeria’s economy and growth.

Dennis while speaking in Abuja on Tuesday at the end of a 2-day technology and entrepreneurship program for girls stated that Technovation encourages development of local solutions to
local problems, driving sustainable growth and development adding that it also positions Nigeria as a leader in the global tech industry, attracting investment and creating opportunities for our youth.

She added that Technovation program is a beacon of hope and opportunity for our girls which equips them with the skills, confidence to solve the real world problem using technology,fostering a sense of empowerment and independence.

Dennis however noted that despite these numerous benefits and the immense potential of this program, it is disappointing to say they have not gotten government backings, but we want to
say that the journey to this event has become a reality that is marked by countless hours of hard work, personal sacrifices from international partners and our team of volunteers.

“It’s really disappointing to hear that we have not gotten the necessary support, this is the eighth year we are celebrating Technovation in Nigeria, and the government has not begun to pay into it.”

Meanwhile, Dennis noted that the technovation event marks a significant milestone in their journey of
empowering young girls through technology, innovation, in eight years adding that by participating in the Technovation program, our girls are breaking barriers and challenging the stereotype, paving the way
for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Continuing, she said Technovation offers you a unique opportunity to give back to the community adding that mentors play a crucial role in guiding, nurturing these great minds and sharing their
knowledge and expertise, and inspiring the next generation of tech leaders.

“Our mentors are dedicated and committed, and how their invaluable influence extends beyond the
classroom and shaping the future leadersof our nation.

“The benefit of Technovation
extends to a state, not just to the state, but the country as well. By fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, we are building a stronger and more resilient economy.”

She added that Technovation is a transformative movement, and over 22,000 apps were submitted this year, and Nigeria had the highest number of apps in the
quarterfinals stage.

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