JUST IN: Man climbs TV mast In Abuja, threatens suicide over economic hardship (VIDEO)

A man has climbed a broadcast mast on Katampe Hill in Abuja, vowing to sacrifice his life for the nation’s pressing issues. His demands include:

Restoration of Fuel Subsidy: He calls on the government to reinstate the fuel subsidy to alleviate economic burdens on Nigerians.

State of Emergency on Insecurity: Immediate action is demanded in Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, Niger, and Borno to combat terrorism and restore peace.

Open Borders for Food Importation: To tackle the food shortage crisis, he urges the government to open borders for food imports.

Addressing Out-of-School Children: He highlights the urgent need for solutions to the growing number of out-of-school children.

He pleads for fellow Nigerians to join his cause, emphasizing his readiness to sacrifice his life for these critical issues.

watch video below:

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