Just In: Hayatu-Deen Withdraws from PDP Presidential Race

Peoples Democratic Party presidential aspirant, Mohammed Hayatu-deen, has withdrawn from the party’s presidential race, citing personal principles and obscenely monetized contest.

Hayatu-deen’s withdrawal from the contest makes him the second PDP aspirant to withdraw from the race. Former Governor Peter Obi had earlier dropped his presidential bid on the platform of PDP and also resigned from the party.

In his letter of resignation, addressed to the PDP National Chairman, Hayatu-deen said, “”I wish to reiterate that I did not join party politics and to contest for the presidency because of personal gains and inordinate ambition, but in order to serve our country.

“It is therefore based on personal principles and with great humility that I have decided after wide consultations to withdraw from this contest which has been obscenely monetized.”

Hayatu-deen further stated: “My exposure locally and internationally and contributions to the nation’s economic and political-well being positioned me to take up the challenges facing our dear nation and – the courage to participate in this grueling exercise which most of our elites have shunned away from. Regrettably the political system has proved to be acrimonious, corrupt and self-serving.

“For the past three months I had the privilege of intensively interacting with Nigerians from all walks of life. This reinforces my resolve that Nigeria MUST BE saved, otherwise our future is doomed.

“I joined the contest as a democrat, with an open mind to keenly contest and accept the result of a process that is fair, credible and transparent.

“We have endeavoured to forge a consensus which would have facilitated a seamless emergence of a candidate which unfortunately could not be achieved.

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