How Rotimi Amaechi’s “Nigeria Youths Are Cowards” Remarks Fuel #EndSars Protest (Audio)

“We have reached our boiling points.  Perennially, they have always believed that the youths are docile and not capable of effecting the needed change in the polity.  Last year, in a secret tape, the Minister of Transport, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi branded Nigeria youths as cowards, docile and not capable of taking actions against the elite. 

The secret tape was uncovered and shared virally on different platforms.  Today, we will prove Amaechi and his co-travelers wrong.  We are capable of taking our own destiny in our hands”.  One of the protesters in Abuja named Abdulmalik Ahmed Madaki told our correspondent. 

Before the buildup of the last general election, the Hon. Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi was caught in a secret tape criticizing President Muhammedu Buhari and voicing many damning words against the nonchalant attitude of the President and Nigerians.  The secret tape, believed to have been recorded without the knowledge of the Minister by one of his media friends contained very many reckless remarks by Amaechi.  In one of the clips, Rotimi Amaechi was heard lambasting the Nigeria youths, describing them as “full of fear” and cowards.   

“Nigerians are simply cowards who cannot stand up for their rights.  The elites know this and they know that Nigeria masses cannot do anything beyond complaining.

That reckless remark has emboldened the youths who are bent on proving Ameachi and his likes wrong. “Nigeria youths are the most courageous”.  Madaki concluded. 

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