How A.A. Rano, A.Y.M. Shaffa, Others Allegedly “Use” Bandits To Dominate Gas Import From Republic of Niger

While countless lives continue to be wasted on grounds of banditry, and other socially disruptive activities around Northern Nigeria, popular oil merchants like A.A. Rano Nigeria Ltd and A.Y.M Shaffa Ltd are allegedly cashing out as they continue to dominate importation of ‘cheap gas’ from Republic of Niger, which they in turn sell at outrageous rate to Nigerian users, a discreet investigation has revealed.

Investigation carried out by LeadingReporters revealed that 80% of gas used around Northern Nigeria, imported from Republic of Niger are for industrial use but due to scarcity of the product, are being used as cooking gas.

The gas trade within this axis, as uncovered by this platform is currently being controlled by a few Northern Oil Moguls, using the instrumentality of banditry. Republic of Niger borders Nigeria in Katsina State, the home state of President Muhammadu Buhari.

This axis has been perennially engulfed in banditry and other forms of criminality which has resulted in the death of countless Nigerians.

While this menace surges on, and in line with the popular belief that war is money, major oil dealers, especially from the Northern Nigeria like A.A. Rano and Oil and Gas Ltd and A.Y.M. Shaffa have taken control of gas supply business from Republic of Niger.

A discreet source who spoke to this source said that the scarcity of gas and the skyrocketing prices of the product were artificially created by these oil merchants.

“They buy cheap gas originally meant for industrial use from Republic of Niger and sell same in Nigeria on dollar-value. They upset every other gas merchants with bandits such that only them call the shot in that axis”

One gas merchants who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that his last attempt to import gas from Republic of Niger almost grounded him as he did not only lose the product and his truck, but also lost millions of Naira to the bandits who are working for the major oil and gas merchants from Northern Nigeria.

“Because of what happens in that axis, I employed the services of a Northern Oil Dealer to help me buy gas from Niger Republic. He charged me more because, according to him, he has to sort out bandits who would never allow other merchants except the bigwigs like A.A. Rano and A.Y.M. Shafa to buy gas from Niger.

“Unfortunately, that transaction became the nightmare that almost grounded my business. The truck and product were seized by bandits on the orders of the big merchants. I never had the gas or my truck back”. The victim said.

All efforts to get the response of the oil and gas merchants were unsuccessful as at the time of filing this report.

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