Head of Civil Service of The Federation Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita In N16b Group Life Insurance Scandal

These are not the best of times for the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita who has been alleged to have cornered N16b, meant for the Group Life Insurance of the Federal Civil Servants.

According to information unraveled by LeadingReporters, the group life insurance for Federal Civil Servants expired since January 2019 and has not been renewed from February till date.  This is despite the fact that the same sum has been released to the office of the Civil Service of the Federation.

The source disclosed that the money released by the Ministry of Finance, through the office of the Accountant General of The Federation was diverted by Mrs. Winifred E. Oyo-Ita and the heads of account department.

“Mrs. Winifred and other top management staff in the account department of the head of civil service are doing everything possible to cover up the fraudulent diversion of N16billion”.

In another development, it was alleged that Mrs. Winifred and her cohorts have turned promotion of civil servants into a money-making venture as most promotions do not follow laid down procedures.

“Promotion has become a mercantile venture under the current head of civil service of the Federation. Staffs pay for promotion and in most cases, your money determines the level of promotion you get. 

“Mrs. Winifred has jettisoned all the laid down procedures for promotion by her predecessors”

Meanwhile, a letter based on Freedom Information Act, 2011 from this news medium addressed to the Head of Civil Service of the Federation dated 11th June, 2019 with the caption “Group Life Insurance: 

Request for Information Based On Freedom of Information Act, 2011” seeking explanation into the alleged missing N16b was not responded to.  In the stead, our source said that the letter led to a more aggressive effort at burying all available evidences by those who are culpable.

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