First “African Climate Clock” to be received in Nigeria

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Abuja, Nigeria. — The first CLIMATE CLOCK to be received by an African nation will be presented in a high level official presentation ceremony of the Government of Nigeria in Abuja on Tuesday.

Alhaji Mohammed Danjuma, social activist and Climate Champion

The handheld clock will be presented to Alhaji Mohammed Danjuma, social activist and Climate Champion,  by Jerome Ringo, former chair of the National Wildlife Federation, and currently Goodwill Ambassador to the Pan African Parliament.  

Nigeria will be the first African nation to receive a CLIMATE CLOCK. Ringo received the clock at an event in New York City on Monday, April 19 where Ringo delivered a clock to UN Ambassador from ECO WAS, which represents 15 West African nations, including Nigeria. Ringo plans to take a number of clocks to several other African nations. The presentation of the Climate Clock to Alhaji Mohammed Danjuma in Abuja on Tuesday would be followed, at a later date by a high-power delegation to present the clock to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari .

WHAT: First climate clock to be received by an African nation

WHEN: Tuesday April 27, 2021, 1.00pm to 3.00pm (WAT), 8:00am to 10:00am (EST) USA

WHO: Jerome Ringo presenting to the Government of Nigeria, delivered to Climate Champion Alhaji Mohammed Danjuma. With H.E. Pauline K. Tallen Minister of Women’s Affairs, and Dr. Paul Abolo, Ecologistics, African Climate Clock Initiative.

WHERE (Physical): Bon Hotel Elvis, #2 Monrovia Street, Wuse II, Abuja.

WHERE (Virtual):

The Climate Clock project is known for the giant clock in New York’s Union Square, as well as portable handheld clocks that climate leaders took to the front of the White House and projected onto the Department of Energy in DC earlier this week.

Ringo stated: “This clock is a call to action. Future solutions are great, but we need NOW solutions. Solutions that create green jobs that can replace the fossil fuel economy.”

The CLIMATE CLOCK shows the deadline before our global Carbon Budget runs out, i.e. the time left before we emit enough carbon into the atmosphere to set the world on a course to exceed 1.5 C warming, which scientists say is a critical tipping point. The now famous giant clock recently added a sign of hope. The Deadline that has been displayed since it’s launch in September is now joined by a new “Lifeline” that displays the percentage of global energy currently supplied from renewable sources — 12.2 percent, and going up, but it needs to be going up much faster to meet our deadline. The world must do whatever it can to raise our lifeline to 100% before the deadline runs out. For more information on the science behind the clock:

Ringo used the shift in the clock to speak to  the different responsibilities that different nations had for meeting our climate deadline. “Africa, like other developing regions who suffer climate impacts from CO2 historically released by industrialized nations, deserves a lifeline. They need countries like the US, that are the greatest contributors to the problem, to contribute the most to this renewable lifeline that is on the clock. The United States is only 5% of the world’s population but is responsible for 25% of the world’s carbon emissions.”

“The CLIMATE CLOCK says we must do what the science demands, and pursue solutions that leave no one behind.” said Laura Berry, research director for CLIMATE CLOCK.

The original prototype for the handheld clock was built in partnership with Ayodomola Okunseinde.

Earlier this week, the iconic CLIMATE CLOCK in New York’s Union Square added a “Lifeline” to show the percentage of global energy currently supplied from renewable sources — 12.2 percent, and going up, but nowhere near fast enough. Handheld “action” clocks were unveiled and distributed to youth leaders, who carried them to their own respective events.

Light-projected clocks were launched simultaneously in DC and Glasgow this week. In DC, on the Dept. of Energy. In Glasgow, on the landmark Tolbooth Steeple. The Glasgow Climate Clock will run continuously every night for the six months from Earth Day until the COP26 begins, turning the eyes of the world to the upcoming UN Summit in November.

Climate justice groups brought a clock to a rally in front of the White House on Wednesday, April 21.

Jerome Ringo, the Founder and Chairman of Zoetic Global is taking climate clocks to the heads of state of Nigeria, Ghana and other African nations to promote energy efficient and renewable energy solutions throughout the African continent.

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