Female Air Force Personnel Dies After Snake Bite From Toilet Seat

A Nigerian Air Force personnel identified as Lance Corporal Becky has reportedly died due to complications from a snake bite.

Becky died in Abuja on Sunday after being bitten by a snake that hid itself in a toilet seat.

A viral social media video showed the moment the huge snake was removed from the toilet seat.

The late Becky’s friend, Aleeza Ayomide wrote on Facebook: “Rememberering everything we spoke about yesterday morning makes me find it so hard to believe you’re no more haaaa…. No o Bercy is this really true?

“My heart bleeds. Please be very cautious of your home and environment… LCPL Bercy was bitten by a snake in her Water Cistern Toilet. (WC).”

When contacted Ayomide for more details about the incident, she is yet to respond as of the time of filing this report.

Snake bites from toilet bowls are not uncommon, a phenomenon experts attribute to openings in the soak away exhaust pipes.

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