ASUU Strike: 5 profitable Businesses Students Can Start While Waiting

Nelson Chukwuezugo, Abuja

Ever wondered how the current ASUU Strike has crippled the nation’s academic activities in our tertiary institutions.

It’s been four months since the academic staff union of universities embarked on another strike on the 14th of February 2022, ever since then, a lot of Undergraduates have been idle with nothing profitable to do.

Many students are now searching for profitable businesses they can engage in to make money while they wait for the federal government to settle the grievances of the academic union.

A lot of business opportunities are available for students to engage in, however, some are either too costly to begin or require specialized skill.

After a lot of research, I have found five businesses Undergraduates can begin with little capital and no special skill. These businesses can make you money in a short while.

1) Mini Importation: Mini importation is the process of buying of a specific product in small to medium quantity, at a cheap price with the aim of selling at a profit.

There are many websites where one can import cheap products from; They include:,, etc

As a mini importer, it is your job to import a highly sought after product sell them to people at a profit.

2) Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is a business model that involves selling another persons product a receiving a commission.

It is the job of an affiliate marketer to find business persons with products to sell and help them to advertise and sell those products. The more you sell, the more commission you receive.

Also, affiliate marketing can be done online with platforms like clickbank, jumia, expertnaire etc

3) Rabbit Farming: Meat is consumed in large quantities on a daily basis in Nigeria. It is therefore no surprise that rabbit Farming is a profitable business.

Baby rabbits are easy to source and do not take time to grow. When fed properly, meat rabbits take about 10 weeks to reach a sellable weigh of 5 pounds.
A student can therefore begin to rear rabbits and when they mature, they can be sold in the market at a huge profits.

4) Laundry Business: There are lots of artisans and professionals who are too busy to wash their clothes. They are always happy to outsource their washing to others as it would save them a lot of time and stress.

The student who is idle at home can therefore offer laundry services to those individuals at a fee.

The good thing about this business is that it can be done anywhere and does not require much skill. One just has to know how to properly wash clothes and safeguard the clothes till they dry.

A lot of money can be made from this business depending on how many customers you have. There are some laundromat that charge as much as 500 naira per cloth. The student can charge lower and still be profitable.

5) Popcorn Business: Pop corn can be dubbed Nigerians favorite snack. Demand is high and it is consumed by people of all ages.
The main requirements for starting a popcorn business are: popcorn machine, electricity supply, good location and packaging.
Once you can get these resources, then you are guaranteed to make lots of profits daily.
Also, you can engage in home delivery of the popcorn. This is will surely increase the revenue gotten from the business.

Since the end of the asuu strike is not in sight, the Undergraduates can engage in the businesses above to make money on the side while they continue to wait.

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