After Claiming 35 for Four Continuous Years, Allwell Ademola Finally Celebrates 40 in Style

Actress and singer, Allwell Ademola is marking her 40th birthday today, Tuesday August 9, 2022.

The excited celebrant took to her verified Instagram page where she shared lovely photos with prayerful captions.

Ademola via her posts noted that she had encountered pains in relationships, but she didn’t let that weigh her down.

She wrote: “Just like yesterday when the cry of a tiny creature was heard in my home, growth and development have taken place and I’m glad about that. From the cradle, I’ve learned to be grateful for life, family and now I’ve learned to number my days because it shows gratitude. I won’t be ungrateful for relationships that got me better. I am excited and grateful for life.. “

I wish myself Joy and love for my life every single day..

To remember the purpose in pain and become the greatest version of Myself. To express, entertain and lighten the load of living through laughter. And to not just survive my life, but LIVE my life, Consciously & Honourably, Amin Jesu.

Recall that the plus sized actress had in 2020 got many people talking when she celebrated her birthday, stating that she was 35 as she had in the past few years always celebrated her 35th birthday.

In an encounter with Sunday Scoop the entertainer said clocking 35 every year didn’t mean she was truly 35 years old.

“How can one person be clocking the same age for four continuous years? How can that be real? You obviously know it is a joke. If someone is celebrating the same age every year, you should know the person is just ‘catching a cruise.’

“The person is just trying to be funny and staying young. I am an entertainer; I am just trying to entertain people. Clocking 35 every year doesn’t mean I am 35. It is just a way of entertaining people. Also, next year, I am going to be celebrating another 35th year,” she said.

Baring her thoughts on why many marriages don’t last, she said, “It has always been like that since the days of our parents. We have seen people fall in and out of love.

Marriages break, people divorce, it’s like that everywhere. But first of all, I think we have so many millennial marriages and millennial children. I will blame it on education, to an extent. People are becoming ‘whiter’ than the whites.

In the Bible, it is said that the woman would give back in tears and the man will take care of his wife. That is how it has been.

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