Abuja’s Utako Village: Where Prostitutes deliberately infect ‘Customers’ with HIV/AIDS

Prostitution which was once an immoral act to engage in has now become one of the fastest growing business in major cities without leaving the shanties aside.

The ever growing rate of unemployment and harsh economic situation has contributed to the ‘booming’ business as a major means of livelihood for perpetrators.

The business has transcended beyond the illiterates, school drop-out but graduates now fully engage in this act owing to rate of unemployment and pressure to meet up familys’ ever increasing demand.

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Of greater worry is the huge number of young teenagers from 16-upward engaging in this act to be paid as little as #500 for short time and #2000 for full time.

Sadly, many of the parents of this girls believes that their daughters are engaged in legitimate business in the city center and even encourage them to be more hardworking and pray for them owing to the money and goddies sent home on daily basis.

Kutako, fondly called Utako a centre of attraction in the Federal Capital Territory because of its proximity to anywhere in the capital city is always abuzz with commercial activities both day and night.

And as such, it is not so surprising that while many hustling residents engage in legitimate business, the village (utako) houses one of the cheapest hub forcommercial sex workers in the FCT.

The village is also known as hideouts for drug peddlers, criminals and smokers who consume and sell drugs to customers, the high and mighty secretly patronize them too.

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The FCTA recently demolished over 1000 shanties but the rate at which prostitutes has returned is quite alarming.

In what seems like a nightmare, the prostitutes deliberately infect their “Customers” with HIV/AIDS, one of the prostitutes was caught verbally saying this.

As they (Prostitutes) are commonly known as best friends of benefits and worse enemy, over the week a hot argument ensued between them and led to a street bloody fight in broad day light.

One of the prostitutes, out of annoyance threatened to arrest her colleague whom she fought with with claim that her friend infects men with HIV/AIDS.

In her words ” So you think you can fight abi, see how you use your fingers to disfigure my face, don’t worry, I will deal with you”.

“I am going to report you to the police for infecting men with HIV/AIDS, you have been sharing it for a long time, I just pity men that come here, they don’t know anything!

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