Hon. Jisalo Zephaniah in trouble over his new N22.5m Toyota Fortuna Bullet Proof Jeep

These are not the best of times for Hon. Jisalo as people from his constituency have mobilized to demand accounts of his stewardship.  They decry the level of negligence by their elected representative who they said uses the office he holds on trust for his people for self-aggrandizement.  According to information exclusively obtained by LeadingReporters, Jisalo’s latest N22.5m Toyota Fortuna Bullet Proof Jeep has pitched him against the people of his constituency who frowned at Hon. Jisalo’s excessive quest for material acquisition and self-enrichment.

Addressing the Abuja Senior Special Correspondent of LeadingReporters, the leadership of FCT Citizens Against Bad Governance vowed that since their representative has turned the office he holds on trust for them into money making adventure and self-enrichment channels, they have no option than to mobilize themselves against Hon. Jisalo’s excesses.

Wondering why a so-called leader who has fleet of choice cars could be plunging that sum in acquiring new car when the people are suffering especially in this era of economic recession where people find it hard to even have the least to eat.

“As we speak to you, Hon. Jisalo has acquired another N22.5m Toyota Fortuna Bullet Proof Jeep.  While we are not against anyone spending fortunes on cars, we are concerned because Hon. Jisalo does not have any other work except representing his constituency.  Since he was voted into office as a Federal Representatives, Hon. Jisalo has virtually done nothing for his constituency beyond leveraging in the office he occupies to mop up money wherever he can find it.  We’re predominantly farmers.  Soon the farming season will set in. We have not received even the least farm inputs from Hon. Jisalo since he was voted into office.  Visit his home,  it is larger than a Presidential Villa.  Soon we will address the issue of that building.  It has a history that people needs to know. In fact, one would begin to doubt that an elected representative occupies those buildings amidst an impoverished people. ”

Vowing to go on an endless protest until Hon. Jisalo gives account of his stewardship to them, the group said that as a representative, Hon. Jisalo does not have a constituency office; has never held a town hall meeting  in a view to getting first hand information on the welfare of the people he represents.

“The era of impunity is over.  Ask Hon. Jisalo what he has done for his constituency since he was elected, he would point you to projects he did when he was AMAC Chairman. The social contracts we have with Hon. Jisalo would be severed because the purpose for which he was elected is defeated.  We are taking our destinies into our own hands.  We are not going to treat the issue of negligence and impunity with kids’ gloves again. We are ready to give whatever it takes from us to ensure that no single individual could tower higher than the yearnings of our people.  First, we are going to do a world press conference where we will state our grievances after which we will besiege Hon. Jisalo’s home and would never leave until he renders account of his stewardship to the people who legitimized the power through which he enriches himself”.

All attempts to reach Hon. Jisalo to address the grievances as enumerated by his Constituency people was unsuccessful as his phones remained switched off as at the time of filing this report.

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