Trouble brews in NITDA:  Staff sues Management, vows to expose perennial corruption

“The Federal Character Commission  (FCC) is pained by the unfairness the successful candidates have suffered in celebrating letters of appointment and completing documentation only for the commencement of work to turn out to be a mirage.  Some left their jobs to take up the offer only to end up having neither your work nor the ones they had left”

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The above was the position of the Federal Character Commission on the attempt by Vincent OlatunJi’s led National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA to cancel appointment given to 245 staff of NITDA employed since November, 2015.


FCC conveyed their displeasure over attempt by NITDA to project FCC in a bad light by their claim that FCC was behind the cancellation of one year appointment given NITDA staff in 2015 through letters to NITDA management dated 8th August, 2016 with Ref No. FCC/055/S.42/Vol. II/232 and 25th October 2016 with Ref No. FCC/055/S.42/Vol. II/86 respectively

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How does it feel to possibly resign from your job after  successfully picking another job, work for a year only for you to be told that you do not have a job again after a year?  Some of those affected by the attempt of NITDA’s management to cancel 2015 appointment had jobs before they were employed by National Information Technology Development Agency.

Today, if NITDA management led by Vincent Olatunji have its way in perpetrating the impunity they have set out on, these successful candidates who have been awarded appointment letters by NITDA  will neither have NITDA job nor their previous jobs.  This is the scenario playing out in NITDA.  You’d say impunity of the highest order!

When Vincent Olatunji-led management of National Information Technology Development Agency lied and misinformed Federal Character Commission on the cancellation of appointment given to 245 staff of the agency, little did he know he is thus stirring a legal battle with the concerned staff.

Investigation carried out by LeadingReporters reveal that 20 out of the 245 who paid their way up or have godfathers who spoke on their behalf have long been fully engaged and deployed .  It was learnt that Vincent Olatunji is planning to cow the remaining staff to part with substantial sum of money if they must enjoy the same privilege as the other 20 who have been deployed.


According to information exclusive obtained by LeadingReporters, the concerned staff of the agency have written the management of NITDA through their & to rescind their action to cancel a one year old appointment extended to 245 staff  for which they applied, were interviewed an offered appointment letter, having extended their acceptance letters as required from them.

It would be recalled that NITDA advertised for vacancies in 2015 of which interview were held and 245 staff employed.  These staff have long resumed duties since 2015, submitted their acceptance letters  as requested by NITDA.   Midway, through a publication on Daily Trust of Friday, 4th 2016, NITDA management sponsored a public notice informing the general public of the cancellation of a one year old appointment.

FCC, it was discovered that the alleged withdrawal was false.  This prompted a letter from the FCC to NITDA dated October, 2016 enquiring on the authenticity of the claim.


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