Hon. Jisalo threatens Abuja Social Right Activist with death

“Now I want you to understand that I’m not accountable to anyone. (Referring to a publication on his newly acquired N22.5m bullet proof jeep on LeadingReporters).    I’m carrying anointing. I’m not your mate. I’ve severally sent people to warn you to stop criticizing me.   Even your father is not my mate. Go home and tell your parents to write it down that I’ll personally kill you.  Why did you grant the audience to the media?  Were you the one who put me there as a Federal Legislature?  No one dares me and go scot free.  Go home and tell your parents that your time is up.  I will jail you.  In fact, I will personally kill you”. 

These were recorded words allegedly used when the Federal Representative representing Abuja Munincipal Area Council and Bwari Area Council Hon. Jisalo Zephaniah called the Coordinator of FCT Citizens against Bad Governance Comrade Yunusa Ahmadu Yusuf following the group’s media parley with LeadingReporters and the electorates’ resolution to protest Hon. Jisalo’s self-serving style of leadership.

It would be recalled that the most recent N22.5m Toyota Fortuna Bullet Proof Jeep acquired by Hon. Jisalo amongst his numerous cars has pitched him against people from his constituency who accused him of lack of performance and poor representation.  The group who promised to hold an International Press Conference to air their grievances after they have failed many times to have audience with their representative further resolved to besiege the house of Hon. Jisalo until he gives account of his stewardship to the people who elected him to office.

According to an SOS message received from Comrade Yusuf, he said that Hon. Jisalo called him with an MTN no 08033498130 this morning at about 10.06am and spent a little over 2minutes threatening to mercilessly deal with him.

The recorded discussion was made both in English language and Gbagyi.  The Hon. Member of the Federal House of Rep. was quoted to have told Comrade Yusuf that he was not responsive to anyone and anyone who’s not comfortable with that could go perish.

Comrade Yusuf though said he was not ruffled by Hon. Jisalo’s threat but would continue on the path of demanding for the social rights for those who legitimize the power wield by Hon. Jisalo.  He however promised to write to the IG of police, the Director General of DSS, and other law enforcement agents and other Civil Society Organisations to formally launch a complaint following the threat made on his life by their Representative.

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