REVEALED: MINTS employed 111 children of politicians and those in security services

The recent employment engaged by Nigeria Security, Printing and Minting Company popularly called MINTS is a pointer to the level of impunity and corruption that still thrive today among those saddled with leadership positions in that company.

Beneficiaries are mostly children of the highly placed and top government functionaries within the ruling party, anti-corruption agencies and security services.

“Employments through the back-door have become a strategy with which those who have allegations of corruptions gag those who ordinarily should probe them.  Beneficiaries are usually the children of top politicians and other public office holders within the security services and anti-corruption agencies”

Group of concerned Nigerians in a petition to LeadingReporters alleged that Mr. Joseph Ugbo-led management of Nigeria Security, Printing and Minting Company Plc like the Central Bank governor Godwin Emefiele and his contemporary in Federal Inland Revenue Service Babatunde Fowler has resorted to extension of indiscriminate employment to children of top government functionaries within the ruling APC party, the security and anti-corruption agencies in connivance with the Federal Character Commission.

They alleged that the latest move was to employ the children of those in anti-corruption agencies as a way of gagging the leadership of those agencies vis-à-vis series of petitions that have been written about the rot in that government controlled company.

The group who claimed to have made series of petitions exposing the rot in a view to bringing those found culpable to book wondered why the management and the echelons of some anti-corruption agencies should strike a deal of that nature which will automatically dwarf every efforts at probing the allegations made.

The group vowed to stop at nothing until the needful is done as a deterrent to others.

The group among other allegations claimed that so far within less than 3 months, Mr. Joseph Ugbo-led management has employed 111 staff and placed them in top positions in the company even when the company is finding it hard to stay operationally afloat.

“Frankly, as it stands in MINT, operations are almost at zero level.  There are no raw materials to work with and some staff are wondering why things are the way they are.  Employing 111 additional senior staff seems the height of insensitivity and a desperate move by the management to gag the lips of those who ordinarily should be the one speaking and addressing corruption issues in the company”

Our investigation revealed that MINT smartly stagger the employment into 3 phases and got the management of Federal Character Commission to buy into the scheme as some top management of Federal Character Commission allegedly benefitted from the employment.

A source who spoke to us on condition of anonymity in Federal Character Commission said that some top management staff of FCC benefited from MINTS employment largesse:

“The top management staff of Federal Character Commission were partners in the deal.  They consciously failed very many people that attended and did well in the so-called interview to plant their own people.  Why will a company like MINT who is gasping for breath to stay afloat shy away from advertising for the positions they recently claimed to have filled to enable the positions to be keenly contested for optimal performance and efficiency?  Why would they resort to phasing it bit by bit and from the back door too?  These are all desperate strategies to make the custodians of the law to the look the other way.  Let them publish the names of the beneficiaries and you’ll be astonished who the beneficiaries are.  We know them.  We know they are the children of those who claim to be fighting corruption.  We will expose them all.  That’s how to fight corruption.  We will teach them if they’ve forgotten the virtues of sound leadership and its moral dimension”

LeadingReporters, in its reportage standards sought the opinion of MINTS leadership as it relates to the allegations through a letter dated 4th July, 2016 {copy attached}, received and acknowledged for MINTS by Yahaya Ibrahim.  A similar letter was sent to Chairman Federal Character Commission on 10th of August, 2016.  While MINT shied away from addressing the issues via a formal process, Federal Character Commission wrote in response of ours dated 15th August, 2016 to absolve itself from any blames, as according to them, MINT only approached them for a waiver of advertisement.  {copy attached} quoting though that the rules stated that adverts for vacancies must be published in at least 2 national dailies.

It would be recalled that recent employment by agencies like Central Bank of Nigeria, Federal Inland Revenue among others have been done from the back-door to favour the children of the ruling class, members of the parliaments, children of top security personnel among others; an offence punishable by death in China.

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