These Pictures Will Show You Just How Much A Man’s Life Changes After Marriage

Bachelor and Marriage

In most men’s lives there comes a point when they decide to dial down the bachelor clock to zero and start the married life from 12 AM. He knows he’d get laughed at and scrutinized by his pals for deciding to get himself stuck on one girl for the rest of his life. They will mourn the death of his bachelor days through a crazy bachelor party and will secretly be in awe of his will and loyalty which dedicates him to his wife.

There is just something that changes when you get married. A part of you is more responsible, more resourceful and doesn’t decide to give things up and go away when they are too hard. You commit and you compromise because you do not know how else to make your marriage work how to be capable of handling of kids later on.

Hence the following illustrations state the clear distinctions that one faces once they divorce their bachelor life and marry the married life!

Salary Before Marriage

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Salary After Marriage

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All the earning that a guy made prior to his wedding went directly to his pocket, and his pocket alone, with his complete will and administration on how to spend it. However, after marriage, almost all of his money goes to his wife. With the expenses of having a wife and a house and probably kids, it is highly unlikely that a guy will be able to spend money as lavishly as he used to do so in his bachelor days.

Automobile Before Marriage

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When a man is single and independent, one of the first greatest investments of his life is on his own personal car. When he gets his first set of grown-up wheels, he wants to take it for a spin and probably pick up some ladies while he’s at it. But when he settles down with wife and kids, his once rash car is no longer suitable for family business and he needs to makeshift onto a more economical and bigger car that is fit for the purposes of a family.

Automobile After Marriage

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Fridge Before Marriage

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The most common dilemma of any recently independent youngster is his or her lack of expertise when it comes to cooking and food budgeting. Most bachelors have their fridges almost empty because they never bothered to learn cooking and most of them don’t have the discipline it requires to have a steady flow of food supply at home. That changes after marriage because when you have more mouths to feed you need to keep a full fridge. Which means munching on home cooked meals any time of the day because there will barely be a time when a family kitchen would be as empty as a bachelor fridge.

Fridge After Marriage

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Sleeping Before Marriage

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Now, this is something a father or a husband or even a boyfriend must miss at least once in their life. The privacy and space of their sacred bed to sleep in and laze around in however they please. Having the luxury to relax by yourself whenever you want, however you want, as ever you please is one of the greatest sacrifices a married man has to make. Because from then onwards to the end of life, you are forever entitled to share your bed with your family.

Sleeping After Marriage

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Luggage Before Marriage

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One of the perks of being a bachelor was that you did not have as many responsibilities as you have when you are married. You had spare time in your month to go and explore a new city r town and you and your pals would often go on such adventures. And the easiest part of that was the lightweight that men have to carry when it comes to their luggage. Only necessities and an easily transportable bag and you’re off to discover the world. However, things cannot be the same after marriage and kids because then family vacations take up all of the space and taking care of things and making ample space for everyone’s luggage overrides the bachelor one luggage ease.

Luggage After Marriage

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Workout Before Marriage

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During his bachelor days, a guy tries his best to remove time from his daily life for his daily workout. He needs to look his best and stay in shape and appear fit and healthy to all the women who dare glance his way. But once you’ve tied yourself to one woman till death do them part, then the most work out he can expect out of a good exercise is to put his kid on his shoulders and run across the sandy beaches with him because who has the time and energy to actually do some heavy lifting after a long day at the office and with all those family commitments?

Workout After Marriage

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All in all, none of these things proof that marriage is harder and hence not worth it. All of these changes and compromises are necessary and even essential for the sustainability of the family and once you are a father these things sound like a good compromise because you have manned up enough to realize when it is time to close a chapter of your life and open a new one.

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